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Pokemon Tower Defense

2011-03-31 00:54:07 by Olmate

Pokemon Tower Defense is out I plan to updated it quite often, check out my blog at http://samdangames.blogspot.com/ for more info :) Enjoy and send me some feedback.


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2011-03-31 02:37:20

I've seen this game on the app store and was holding off downloading it... then I played it here and immediately wanted it. Why was it removed? Any particular reason?


2011-03-31 02:58:02

Nevermind... Just read your blog, if you wanted, you could always re-skin the game and re-release it in the app store...


2011-03-31 03:06:32

pokemon td is awesome!!! if you want any ost's from any pokemon give me a messege


2011-03-31 04:16:13

please please pleeeeease keep your work up o.o ! I don't want stop with playing it xD! It's just awesome... Pokemon + Tower Defense = Pure Epicness o.o!


2011-03-31 15:21:58

good work man keep it up 8D


2011-03-31 21:09:53

you have officially made the best game on Newgrounds ^.^ *my opinion*
I really hope that you continue to update this game. so many games with infinite potentially died before they truly lived. of all of the projects that could die, this would be by far the biggest shame.
I just thought I'd let you know just how much I appreciate your game :D


2011-03-31 22:57:04

Man, I have been wanting a pokemon mmo for soooooooo long! Mabey you will finally be the one to wake Nintendo up. They could make so serious money with that!

Olmate responds:

I know right!


2011-04-01 00:24:33

Nice! i really Like IT!


2011-04-02 10:32:12

awsomness man i mean fek ur good


2011-04-02 14:19:51

PTD is great, been playing since the day after you created when I randomly stumbled upon it, now I can't quit playing it. Keep up the good work and send me a message if you get stuck and want any feedback on something in particular or on ways to continue the story or make any of the moves behave in a fitting manner. You've got my support, I believe nintendo and gamefreak should pick you up and you lead this game for them in my opinion.


2011-04-02 14:49:23

Ahh, this reminds me of my days with Pokemon Global.

Then they got legal threats, quit development after having an entire region done, and lost some money.

Hope that doesn't happen to you, man.


2011-04-03 16:17:41

Update the save system already sam. :P


2011-04-03 18:53:28

Dude THAT GAME IS AWESOME I hope you keep updating till The Pokemon League
And I Question Why is Brock A Bad Guy??


2011-04-03 23:31:56

I've always been a fan of TD games and a huge fan of Pokemon. When I found your game, I couldn't stop playing for hours. Great job! I eagerly await updates for it!


2011-04-04 19:48:32

dude I try to open the game and it dont strart, what I hava to do? please answer me, I leave a comment in the game but they delete it. I dont know what to do, please help me :(


2011-04-04 22:57:32

Hey there! when i try to play the game, all i get is a black screen with a word that says FPS-0. Can you tell me whats wrong please?


2011-04-05 18:41:48

this is a really fun game, can't wait for updates... also, when are you going to add the eevees?! XD


2011-04-05 18:51:38

lpure aswomness man cant wait for more updates


2011-04-05 20:42:39

hey its a good game


2011-04-06 18:09:46

Why do you want us to pay you to turn our starters into shiny pokemon and get a mew?


2011-04-06 18:23:16

I actually love you. Your game is genius. Please update very fast.


2011-04-06 19:54:15

My pokemon go back in the pc when i battle bock... why?


2011-04-09 15:53:54

The Game is Awesome! But I have a question. Dose your file lose all data when the game is updated? Also how do you get the mystery gift?


2011-04-09 21:50:20

The game is so awesome! I like the interactiveness and creativeness on the game, more than those other TD games. I can't wait for the updates!I totally believe that maybe that the Nintendo Company could make a deal with U and make PTD on the DS and GBA( I'm a fan of the GBA, just 2 let U know.) ! :)


2011-04-10 10:43:27

is they a reason why new grounds hasnt updated to the next version of pokemon tower?


2011-04-10 18:30:21

i dislike pokemon tower defence


2011-04-11 00:18:10

when is the next level going to b added


2011-04-11 02:23:24

I love it!!! Keep on keeping on!


2011-04-11 22:50:48

Are you a wizard?


2011-04-14 15:02:14

Such a great game you've got going. Just...need...more...MORE

Pokemon, evolution, etc. But good job man, I'm so addicted.


2011-04-14 21:19:34

hey uh can somebody please tell me how i play the game i dont have a phone but can i play it on my home computer????


2011-04-14 21:21:18

it doesnt let me start when i hit start and when i hit the thing to type my email and password it sais fail how do i play this game?i love pokemon i wana play this soooo bad.


2011-04-15 18:30:21

hey the Pokemon game is awesome but i think it would be cool if you added a replay function to replay the level with the same Pokemon. also you could add in a way to speed up the game allowing people to train faster.


2011-04-16 03:58:09

yo that game is fun and the 8 level was cool and hard but i beat it hahahahahaaaaaaaa


2011-04-16 15:07:18

hi i love the game but how come nono of my pokemon can level up past level 20 this new level on mt moon is impossible for me :(


2011-04-17 21:22:02

Wow... just wow, pokemon tower defense is epic beyond words, what a great example of a simply implement yet wonderfully thought out game concept, I'm one of those gamers that also truly appreciate a good pokemon game, and think it is great how close to the original you stuck (I think most of us got turned off of pokemon after they came out with like the 3rd generation.... dirty sell outs) I was wondering if you would be open to a suggestion though, once you have a bunch of pokemon, and they all have a bunch of attack, it gets a bit hectic to micromanage things like focus energy, and sleep powder and such, it would be absolutely awesome if you could build predefined attack patterns for your pokemon, for example, bulbasaur could alternate between using vine whip and sleep powder, rattata could be something like focus energy followed by ten or so attacks, then repeat. So the player could make an attack sequence and the pokemon would follow that sequence, then repeat once it got to the end!


2011-04-17 22:47:20

wat gives y cant u pass level 20 as ur pokemon


2011-04-18 08:34:46

I found a video of a Let's Play Pokemon Tower Defense. Congratz on a awesome game.


2011-04-18 11:47:34

hay dude i rilly wana play this cuz evry ones goin mental over it urm it says down load the latest flash player recon u could gimy a hand would be truely aursome ;)


2011-04-19 11:48:21

dude, your pokemon tower defence game is epic, best thing on here right now!


2011-04-19 15:20:00

hey will this drag into the other pokemons because i hope someday i can get a Lopunny :)


2011-04-19 18:33:26

dude i got the upgrade for 10000 and i cant use it


2011-04-21 00:43:13

Hey, question. I'm currently playing your new pokemon tower defense and saw that it says in your q&a section that once a pokemon evolves with a stone it will no longer learn any moves. I evolved pikachu at your cap (lvl 20). Does this mean I am no longer able to learn anymore moves with him, such as thunder, etc? If this is the case do you plan on making any sort of guide so we know when it is ok to use said stones? I don't want to have doomed myself for using a stone at the current level cap if I am going to miss out on moves/stats/anything else.


2011-04-22 15:29:36

You Know Something. I Have A Small Request. Could You Add A Pokedex? Because you are taking off the inventory. You Could Add This. Here Are Some Features.

* Shows The Pokemon You Saw AND Defeated.

* Shows If you ever seen or had a shiny version on the screen.

* And If You find them all ( LONG TIME FROM NOW. ) A Special Mystery Gift Code. Maby it could be choosing one pokemon you want to turn shiny. Only once. But please think about adding one PLEASE!


2011-04-22 16:15:48

thtz ur best game, msg me some time -lucario321-


2011-04-22 23:03:04

Hey friend buy a stone blade but not with pokemon which I can use it :/ could you tell me which :)???


2011-04-24 11:44:45

You could improve the pokemon when they level up. Like when i level up there stats stay the same which is gay...


2011-04-24 16:48:14

dude ur pkmn tower defence is awesome!
oh btw i have a problem
why cant i make more than one profile in the game?


2011-04-25 02:08:17

Very great game dude but i ran into another prob when i bought my stones the USE ITEM became selectable but i have no stones to select. also at one point the level of all the pokemon stopped at lev 20 for awhile and when i joined NG i could level them up again to 25. apologize for going on and on but charmeleon is at lev 25 all maxed out how can he evolve to charizard?


2011-04-26 15:41:30

i got the windows version of PTD but i can make more then 1 file i want to make new 1 in blue but when i enter name and click OK it doesnt do a thing.
i dont knw if this a bug?