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Pokemon Tower Defense

2011-03-31 00:54:07 by Olmate

Pokemon Tower Defense is out I plan to updated it quite often, check out my blog at http://samdangames.blogspot.com/ for more info :) Enjoy and send me some feedback.


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2011-04-30 19:54:42

lol ok


2011-04-30 23:23:31

amazing if i wasnt just 11 i would donate might do that with allowance in a month might get you a dollar was a pokemon junkie growin up thought weirdo android for
kickin you out your gettin my allowance which i hope helps cause i love this game waitin on a next challenge how do you beat the first one cause it never lets me use mine and i cant get use to charmander i only use stuffs strong againsts my current view so hard to get the code 5213 but cannot beat challenge so it does not matter but sooooooooo hard any hint or pointer would be nice thnks in advance to any and all who would help me love da game chanks for getting me away from boring saturday would appreciate trading soon but i know level cap is important to you but would really aprreciate trade and my own pokemon or hints to challenge mode thank you very much i appreciate this game would join but cannot draw and do not know how to make flash


2011-05-01 19:55:11

problem. when bellsprout evolves into weepingbell weepingbell is unable to be selected to go in a tower. however when you use a plant stone on weepingbell he is able to be selected to go into the towers after evolving into victorybell at level 21, which sucks because id like to see weepingbell have all his skills b4 evolving into the next stage.


2011-05-01 23:51:45

the game was really awesome,although i have a few loading problems.when that new version came out,it's been saying to update the latest flash player and i don't know how to do that,please send a link to a place i can update it to solominities[my username]


2011-05-02 02:53:11

I love it so much, except for the fact that RT 2 doesn't ever start. The music plays and, I place my pokemon, then nothing...


2011-05-04 02:54:14

Pokemon that evolved using evolution stone wont learn any new moves right?
just making sure before i evolve those Pokemon


2011-05-04 07:30:54

really good liked the storyline AWESOME its awesome BROCK, THIS IS SPARTA


2011-05-16 21:37:29

nice game im been keeping up with it each week .... keep it up


2011-05-17 05:18:43

Got a bug for your latest update (v.2.5.1 as of this moment).


This has happened twice in a row now.
At first, I thought it was just a minor one-time glitch, but it seems that it is, in fact, a bug after all.

It happened after the 5th lvl-up/evolution.

Or if you want it step-by-step.

1: team of Charmeleon and 5 Charmander at lvl 15.
2: The level you see on the screenshot.
3: Each of the Charmander lvld and evolved one after another.
4: Upon clicking away the evolution-notification after the 5th and final evolution, the game froze.



2011-05-18 18:36:32

this is jamdarj. i last played this game last week and had over 90 pokemon scattered on the three starts. when i went to the public computer this week i had to start over. is there any way to get my pokemon back? some were 18 and above.


2011-05-25 16:44:49

Something i noticed in PTD that goes completly against the original pokémon battle rules that you could perhaps update. I can now alter statuses of passing pokémon as i please. if i wanted to do so, i could make a pokémon both burned, poisoned and paralysed AT THE SAME TIME! Usefull for me, but i don't think you should keep it that way.



2011-05-26 13:59:05

hey is there a site for people who want to trade with other players?


2011-05-27 20:09:42

Man you are great! Keep going with Pokemon TD! You will become famous. Im
anxious to see when you create the PokemonTower Defense 2
^^ Bye Rolando


2011-05-28 10:13:41

The Pokemon Tower Defense is great, but the battle music is starting to get boring after a while playing the game.

I think you should make the music according to the dungeon/place, for example, in Viridian Forest level it should be the Viridian Forest music and not always the pokemon battle music.


2011-05-29 04:11:59

LOL I caught a shiny jinglepuff in battle!


2011-05-29 05:04:01

My pokemon tower defense is not uploding it's still 2.6 what should i do?

zand by the way your game rooooooocksssss!!!!!!


2011-05-30 08:23:32

Fucking A! well done on the pokemon defence game.


2011-05-30 11:56:45

hey im trading shiny abra pm me if interested <3


2011-05-30 12:49:14

Kyogre is a bit too easy to beat if we use one Pokemon that uses the Whirlwind move...


2011-05-31 10:04:48



2011-06-01 11:21:55

I found this game by accident and I got really impressed. If you need any help with scripting / designing at all you are welcomed to ask. Email - Snitzal20@gmail.com


2011-06-01 15:22:35

cool game


2011-06-02 11:56:55

Dude, this is freaking amazing. I love Poke'mon and thrive off of tower defense games...genius. I can't wait for the newest content.


2011-06-04 03:05:05

You, good sir, have given my life new meaning =D


2011-06-07 13:51:51

how do you feel that you have the best pokemon game on the whole of newgrounds, very popular and very interesting but the one thing i can't do in your game is train my magikarp to a gyarados. can you tell me how?


2011-06-08 23:25:20

Really,Pokemon tower defense is the best TD game that I've ever seen.I wanna more level,PLS!
BTW,I cannt save profile online,no matter at home,or office,why?what can I do?


2011-06-11 01:00:12

this game is AWESOMENESS


2011-06-12 01:34:39

how do you finish old rod D:


2011-06-12 07:55:56

It's not updating in my computer


2011-06-12 11:42:54

PLZ HELP ME I NEED TO FIN OLD ROD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-06-12 15:10:56

Sou fã de voces adoro seus trabalhos


2011-06-14 15:00:46

Love PTD! I'm trying to cap off all my pokemon before the next update.
Is there a forum where I can discuss trading with other people? I already left a review (10/10) so I can't advertise my available pokemon for trade.


2011-06-15 12:01:06



2011-06-16 02:19:04

If anyone needs help getting a pokemon i'd be happy to try. Just tell me the name and level. :D


2011-06-16 12:42:00

the challenges should be much easyer so you should be able to use your owen pokemon because if you use some other pokemon for them then it is so much harder


2011-06-16 20:38:12

i have a lvl 24 abra if anyone wants to trade for a mew


2011-06-17 09:06:36

Hey- not sure if this has been answered, but are you going to release any more pokemon in the future? I mean series 2? Cause those two were the best. And I just realized I couldnt evolve my Golbat so I was kinda bummed about that lol


2011-06-18 00:30:14



2011-06-18 00:32:23

if any one has a mew i would trade my lvl 24 abra


2011-06-18 07:27:04

Thanks For The Tms :)


2011-06-20 07:25:17

yo i have a mew shiny anyone want it?


2011-06-21 14:42:06

I found a bug on pokemon tower defence when kadabra uses recover in mt. moon 2 the pokemon waves stops moving


2011-06-21 16:38:07

hey olmate if you can change the mystery gift every update that would be awesome


2011-06-21 20:29:19

i looove the game so much that now on my page im doing shiny trading contests


2011-06-25 20:08:34

at napoleon in rags and the language that he used


2011-06-29 02:03:05

OK one thing i think you should do one is people should be able to nickname there Pokemon basically a button you press and you type in the nickname
do this pleease thanks


2011-06-30 23:36:19

pokemon tower defense is the best game ever
and i hope you update soon


2011-07-03 16:44:56

When can you update ptd please it is really fun update it noW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-07-03 16:46:09

i am #100 =p also UPDATE IT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-07-14 22:03:08

ammm sorry but i completed the shiny hunter for a shiny onix and not resive my onix only for online problems i hope u can help me plase
pd: really really good game exelent